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All Hypnosis Mp3 Recordings on this page are FREE Hypnosis Downloads.

All the Hypnosis and hypnotherapy recording on this website are FREE hypnosis downloads and therefore FREE to listen to and download. What’s more, you can return and listen to your favorite recordings as often as you want. Most of these recordings contain both hypnotic suggestions and affirmations to help uplift the quality of your life.

Most of the recordings here are FREE Hypnosis Downloads. What’s more, you can listen to them directly on this website or by downloading them.

Free Hypnosis mp3 Audio DownladsYour FREE Hypnosis Mp3 Downloads. The FREE hypnosis downloads on this website are here to help you develop and improve as an individual.

All these hypnosis downloads, Mp3 recordings are FREE to listen to online and FREE to download.

I am a retired analytical hypnotherapist and I now enjoy spending some of my free time helping people via this website. What’s more, I sincerely hope you listen to or download, some of my recordings which in turn help you improve your life in a wonderful way.

It’s a fact that the more we pay for a product the more we value it. Yet it’s equally important to remember that a diamond ring found laying by the side of the road covered in mud is worth just as much as the same ring being sold in quality surrounding in Tiffany and Company on 5th Avenue.

So don’t be one of the visitors to this site who think that because these hypnosis recordings are FREE they must be of low quality.  I’ve been hypnotizing people for well over 40 years. I’m proud of my recordings and the help they have provided to countless 1,000’s of people over the years. Read my About Me page to discover more about my professional skills.

On this website, you will find a lot of self-help and self-improvement FREE hypnosis downloads as Mp3 recordings. The hypnotic suggestions and affirmations are carefully worded with the intention of helping you as mush as possible in the shortest possible time.

If you´re new to hypnosis and are unsure about it, and most people are, listen to the self-hypnosis YouTube video below. It will soon put your fears and concerns to rest.


Below Are Direct Links To The Most Popular FREE Hypnosis Downloads On This Website.

FREE Hypnosis for Sleep.

Hypnosis for Sleep mp3 audio downloadSleeping is as important to sustaining life as food and water. To be healthy and get the most out of life you need at least 8 hours sleep each night. Sleep allows your mind and body to dissolve the tensions of the previous day and recharge your mind-body system for the coming day’s events. Unfortunately, sleep can be disturbed by many things. Even a lifelong deep sleeper can turn into an insomniac in the course of a single day.
Hypnosis for Sleep mp3 – Download.


FREE Hypnosis for Money.

Hypnosis for Money Mp3Yes, I know it seems strange that hypnosis can bring more money into your life. Yet rather than try to explain how and why to you all you need do is download and relax to this FREE mp3 download. There’s a high chance you probably don’t even realize that you’re sabotaging your relationship with money. However, relax to this hypnosis for money recording and notice how more money and wealth simply seems to flow into your life.
Hypnosis for Money – Download.


FREE Hypnosis Techniques for Anxiety.

Hypnosis for anxiety mp3 downloadFree floating anxiety and even panic attacks can be reduced enormously by learning a good relaxation technique. The problem is, not all methods of relaxing produce the same results. This is why some, in fact many, anxiety suffers say learning to relax has not helped them at all. Discover a method of relaxing designed to target anxiety directly will bring wonderful changes to your life.
Hypnosis for Anxiety – Download.


FREE Hypnosis for Super Deep Relaxation.

Hypnosis for Super Deep Relaxation mp3This hypnosis for super deep relaxation recording will do far more than just de-stress you. This hypnosis for stress relief mp3 will guide you into physical, mental, and emotional tranquility the like of which you have probably never experienced before, or unlikely to without help. Hypnosis for stress relief through deep relaxation is a powerful tool to help you combat the stress and tension in your life. Over 2,500,00 copies of this recording have been downloaded and many users have email me stating along the lines of “When I relaxed to your recording I experienced what I can only describe as a spiritual experience.” Spiritual in the non-religious sense.

Hypnosis for Super Deep Relaxation – Download.


FREE Hypnosis for Stress at Work.

Hypnosis for Relaxation mp3 downloadUsing this hypnosis relaxation technique will help you bring peace and harmony into your stressful days at work. The chances are the demands placed on you by your job are far greater than is reasonable. But what can you do about it? Complaining to your manager will only get you labeled as a wimp or lazy and greatly reduce your chances of promotion. But you can throw off a lot of your stress and tension by relaxing to the hypnosis recording during your rest breaks, hence the title Coffee Break Relaxation. Coffee Break Relaxation is devised to relax you deeply in a very short time.
Hypnosis for Stress at Work – Download.


Hypnosis for Improving Self-confidence.

Hypnosi for Self-confidenceHypnosis is an excellent way of bypassing the conscious mind’s resistance to change, therefore hypnosis can make possible that which is often considered impossible. Your problem isn’t that you lack confidence, merely that your confidence has been suppressed by the stresses and strains of everyday living. Stresses and strains that you were unprepared for at the time. This hypnosis for self-confidence recording will work to re-educate you inner powerhouse mind and help restore your confidence in yourself.
Hypnosis for Improving Self-Confidence.


FREE Hypnosis for Inner-Peace.

Hypnosis for Inner PeaceDepression is caused by an unpleasant repressed emotional event. I know you can read about the chemical imbalances that can occur which result in stress, but at the root cause of all stress, you will find unpleasant stressful events. Furthermore, it’s not unknown for stress to be due to a number of repressed events that have accumulated over the course of an individual’s life and ‘one more straw brakes the camels back.’
Hypnosis for Inner Peace – Download.


Hypnosis for Calorie Counting Weight Loss.

Hypnosis for Weight LossJust imagine for a moment that you could choose when to eat and when not to eat. Would that not give you all the power to loose weight? Any Doctor or dietitian will tell you, “Follow a calorie control diet and you will lose weight and become slim.” The problem is, most people start to ‘fail their diet’ after a couple of weeks. This hypnosis for weight loss recording will keep you no track like a train on rails.
Hypnosis for calorie count Weight Loss – Download.


URGENT: Weight Loss.

Urgent weight lossThis is NOT the recording for you if you simply want to lose a few pounds so you look sexier on the beach. This is NOT the recording for you if you need to lose a few pounds to get back into your pre-pregnant clothes.

This FREE hypnosis downloads for weight loss Mp3 is only for people with a serious health issue and need to lose weight because of it. If you are severely obese and your doctor has told you, in no uncertain terms to, “Lose weight!” Or perhaps you need an operation but your surgeon has put it on hold due to your obesity. These are the ONLY kind of reasons to use this urgent hypnosis weight loss recording.

This recording must be relaxed to every day until you reach your desired weight. This recording is harsh on your body and therefore you need to consult your medical doctor before using this recording to make sure it is suitable for you. Please head this advice.
URGENT: Weight Loss – Download.

All the hypnotic suggestions and affirmations on these FREE Hypnosis Downloads (Mp3 recordings) are carefully worded to give the greatest possible help in the shortest possible time. However, please remember suggestions and affirmations are subject to individual interpretation both at conscious and unconscious levels of mind Relaxation techniques.

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