Hypnosis-Hypnotic Spiral.

One of the biggest problems with hypnotic spirals on the internet is their playing time is often very limited.

Fortunately,  this spiral will keep playing until the batteries in your device are drained.


But is this the hypnotic spiral that you expected to see? While it’s not most people’s idea of a hypnosis or hypnotic spiral it works on your eyes in exactly the way a traditional spiral does.

With the FREE Hypnosis Mp3 Downloads available on this website, you can use this hypnotic spiral instead of rolling up your eyes.

Hypnotic/hypnosis spirals contain no magic, yet very few people understand how they help to hypnotize you. In fact, most professional hypnotists don’t even understand why spirals help generate hypnosis. So let me explain how they work.

  1. Looking at the center of a hypnosis spiral ‘pulls your eyes in’ this focuses you mind on only the moving circle. With your mind so focused, 90 plus percent of your conscious thinking is suspended. When this happens, the critical factor, the analytical factor of your mind, is also suspended. Therefore, suggestions presented to you are far more likely to be accepted and this allows the opening wedge into hypnosis.
  1. The spiral also fatigues your eyes very quickly, which makes it hard to keep them open. And in most hypnotic inductions eye closing is one of the first requirements in the induction.

The hypnotic spiral also helps to set up several hypnotic loops that become an important part of an induction, but more of that later in a separate hypnosis article.