Hypnosis Instructions

The following are general hypnosis instruction and guidelines. However, the closer you follow these guidelines the more effective your recording will be.

Steven Luzern - StudioThe human subconscious mind is capable of miraculous feats that we will probably never fully understand or appreciate. Nevertheless, it’s my recommendation that you follow these hypnosis instructions and listen to no more than three recordings at a time. Focusing on one recording at a time would be the preferred choice.

Most of the recordings available from this website use a relaxation technique known as progressive relaxation. It’s because of this you should only play your recording when you can give it your full attention. Therefore, never play your recording while driving or operating machinery.

To listen to your recording get yourself comfortable, but not too comfortable so you relax into sleep. Sit in an armchair, dining chair or something similar. Place your hands by your sides or on your lap, without fingers touching. Loosen or remove any restrictive clothing you might be wearing such as necktie, belt or shoes.

Place yourself somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of your recording.

Ensure you can give your full attention to your recording. If something is occupying your thoughts, or you are concerned about what you have to do later, relax to your recording after you have dealt with your tasks. 

Once you’ve used your recording a few time you will be able to relax to it in the noisiest of conditions if you want to.

Turn off or silence your mobile phone and any other possible distracting device.  

Relax to your recording daily, if that’s awkward for you, relax to it 5 out of 7 days. The human mind learns by repetition, therefore regular listening is of the utmost importance. But don’t panic if you miss a couple of days or so.

Although feeling nicely relaxed you should stay awake listening to your recording. Your attention will probably wonder to different and usually mundane subjects, but as just stated you should stay awake.

To make things a little confusing you might enter a level of deep hypnosis called somnambulism (nothing to do with sleepwalking) at this level of hypnosis it usually gives you the impression that you have been asleep. You can generally tell the difference between sleep and somnambulism in two distinct way.

Firstly – You can come out of somnambulism and still be in hypnosis. This is totally different from waking up from being asleep.

Secondly – This is what happens to most people who relax into somnambulistic hypnosis. Your eyes open within five or ten seconds of being told to “open your eyes” at the end of the recording. If your eyes open later than this after the end of your recording then you have most likely been sleeping.

If you relax into sleep, the next time you listen to your recording sit more upright, maybe use a more upright chair.

Many people like to relax to their recording in bed at night. While this is acceptable most people fall asleep before the end of the recording and therefore fail to get the full benefits of their recording.

If you want to listen to your recording in bed at night I suggest that you do that in addition to your daily listening.

Eye testing. On most of my recordings, you will be asked to imagine that your eyelids are glued and stuck and bonded together and then to test them to make sure they won’t work, that they won’t open. When I’m working face to face with someone this is easy to convey. Nevertheless, some people have a problem understanding this on a recording, so let me explain it here.

First, let me say that it’s very simple yet at the same time a vital aspect of a recording and must be completed. It’s really a game of pretend. To experience it now, close your eyes and pretend that your eyelids are stuck together. Now keep imaging this, and at the same time, try to open your eyes, but they won’t come apart providing you keep imaging they are stuck together. As you test them your eyebrows will probably lift up, but your eyelids remain closed. It’s just a ‘grown-ups’ game of pretend.

Click on the link below, listen to the recording and follow the instructions I present on it and you’ll understand what I mean. This way when you first listen to your recording you’ll sail through the beginning and move on directly the relaxation part.

As a point of interest, my hypnosis inductions are fast and direct compared to most hypnotists. This is because although the hypnosis part of a recording is vital for it to work, it’s the section that comes after the induction that’s devised to produce the healing or behavior changes.

Discover how to hit the ground running by Clicking on the audio player below and follow the hypnosis instructions. Alternately, you can download this audio as a FREE mp3 file.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations (sugestions) that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” – Muhammad Ali

If you’ve never tried hypnosis before your mind is probably full of misconceptions. The result of which is that you’re probably suspicious about hypnosis in case you mind is hijacked!

My answer is, listen to this or any other of my recordings with your eyes open first. That way you’ll know what’s on the recording before you relax to it. These hypnosis instructions are easy to follow.