Hypnosis and Morning Sickness

What you’re going to discover about preventing morning sickness will probably surprise you.

Hypnosis for morning sicknessIn fact, it’s so revealing you might even have trouble believing it. But facts are facts and can’t be denied. So keep reading and you’ll discover an amazing truth about preventing morning sickness.

What’s more, keep this following statement in mind as you’re reading this article. “I’m prepared (as with any claim I make) to back-up what I’m about to reveal to you regarding preventing morning sickness with a live public demonstration.”

So let’s get started and discover something amazing about preventing morning sickness…

Have you ever wondered why some women suffer morning sickness that is so severe it even threatens the life of their unborn child? Yet others go through pregnancy almost without any sickness at all?

Furthermore, although called “morning sickness” as you probably know already, it doesn’t just occur in the morning. It can, and does for some women, occur any time of the day.

Well, being a man, I have absolutely no concept of what it must be like to have a fetus develop and grow inside you, and then bring that life into this world. But I can tell you one thing for sure – even the thought of it terrifies me!

Hypnosis and Pregnancy AnxietyIf you’re not a mother, just think of all the aspects of pregnancy that an expectant mum has to worry over. “Will my baby develop normally in my womb?” … “Will I have any medical problems while I’m pregnant?” … “Am I likely to have any complications giving birth?” … “Will my baby be strong and healthy when it’s born?”

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, we must also remember that problems in these areas could be a matter of life or death for the mother and her baby! Unlikely, but a possibility.

So, is it any wonder a mother-to-be can become anxious when she discovers she is pregnant? Not to mention, if it’s her first pregnancy. Furthermore, a woman will subconsciously know she’s pregnant long before she consciously knows, or when her doctor tells her.

So let’s accept, for a moment, that a mother-to-be has some serious thoughts to contend with – no matter how excited and pleased she is to be pregnant.

Now let’s review briefly what anxiety is. Anxiety is fear that comes from within us. In this case it is the worries, concerns and negative images that a pregnant mother has during pregnancy. And fear is an emotion that can, and does, create nausea and sickness.

Therefore, is it a major leap to conclude that morning sickness could be generated by the subconscious anxiety an expectant mother has to deal with – regardless of whether the pregnancy is wanted or not?

Doctors usually say they don’t really know what causes ‘morning sickness’. But then go on to say it’s often due to hormonal changes and/or lower blood sugar during pregnancy.

But don’t women suffer hormonal changes and low blood sugar at other times in their life without being sick? Why should hormones during pregnancy be any different? I know there are some in-depth explanations to this answer, but stay with me for a minute.

Leading on from this, let’s answer the question, “why do some women suffer ‘morning sickness’ that is so severe it even threatens the life of their unborn child?” Yet others go through pregnancy almost without sickness at all?” I’m aware of one case where doctors were considering terminating a pregnancy because the mother’s morning sickness was so severe they were concerned for her wellbeing.

Well, as with all subconscious anxieties, the intensity of the problem is proportional to the intensity of the anxiety. Therefore pregnant women suffering from severe morning sickness must be harbouring severe anxiety over some aspect of their pregnancy. Therefore, preventing morning sickness is possible if the underlying anxiety can be resolved.

Let me give you a brief case study of a precision analysis I carried out with a woman who was suffering from debilitating morning sickness, which was accompanied by general feelings of weakness and lack of energy. In addition to this she also felt unwell most of the time.

The lady in question was forty-two years of age and already had four children. Two of which were in their late teenage years and had left home. This fifth pregnancy of hers was with a different partner than the previous four. The pregnancy was, however, planned and certainly wanted. Once she was relaxed into deep hypnosis the cause of her anxiety soon came to the surface after a little detective work …

It transpired that during the process of giving birth to her four previous children she hemorrhaged on each occasion. Each time she hemorrhaged it caused her great concern, but with good medical treatment she never suffered any complications. Unfortunately, when she gave birth to her forth child the doctor attending the delivery asked her if she intended having anymore children. Her answer was no! The doctor’s reply to this was “good, you’ve hemorrhaged rather badly and as you’re now approaching forty, giving birth to another baby could be dangerous for you.”

These words spoken by the doctor when she was very emotional, and therefore in an extremely receptive state of mind, made a deep impression upon her at a subconscious level. So it naturally followed that when she fell pregnant this time, at a level below her conscious awareness, she began to suffer great anxiety.

Subconsciously she was seriously concerned about dying during the process of giving birth to the baby she was now carrying. The possibility of her dying was probably remote, due to modern medical care, but her subconscious fear was extremely real and based on the words her doctor spoke just after she had delivered her 4th child. I’m delighted to say that once we had alleviated her subconscious anxiety and boosted her wellbeing with suggestions, her morning sickness stopped. Furthermore her feelings of being tired and unwell also dissolved away.

The remainder of her pregnancy went smoothly and, in the fullness of time, she delivered a healthy baby boy – with no complications. Plus this time, because of what she had learnt during her sessions with me – she didn’t hemorrhage!

This precision analysis is just one of many I’ve conducted with pregnant women suffering from severe morning sickness.

Other intense anxiety cases causing morning sickness that I’ve uncovered include …

A woman who had been told in many ways by many people that – ’she was just like her mother’. Over the years this had made an impact on her at a level below her conscious awareness, but did not appear to have caused any problems – until she became pregnant. The sad case here is that she had never met her mother. Her mother died of complications shortly after giving birth to her.

Below her level of consciousness, because she was ’so much like her mother’ she was terrified that she too, would die whilst giving birth to her baby, just as her mother had. As with most other cases, once her subconscious fear was allayed her morning sickness stopped.

In this next case example, the woman became pregnant while having a brief romantic affair during her marriage. Unfortunately, she had no idea whether the father of her child was her husband or lover. This in itself didn’t seem to trouble her too much. Plus, she was delighted to be pregnant for the first time.

She told me that she was basically happy in her marriage and that her affair had now finished. But, and it’s a BIG but! Her affair was the root cause of her anxiety problem. Let me explain, her and her husband were Anglo-Saxon in origin and therefore white skinned, where as her boyfriend was from Jamaica and definitely very dark skinned!

What would she do when her baby was born if it was of mixed origin? This was the anxiety that kept her suffering from severe morning sickness day after day.

She didn’t want to leave her husband, or the quality of life he was providing her with. Nevertheless, she had no doubt that if her baby was of mixed origins her husband would not be understanding, and would throw her out immediately!

If this was not enough to cause her major concerns, she had very little in the way of family, and unconsciously, carried a strong fear that she could be homeless with a newborn child!

Unlike most cases, I was not able to help this woman in any useful way. Simply because although her anxiety was mostly generated by her imagining, her problem was based on the real fear of what would happen to her and her baby if the baby was obviously not her husband’s when it was born.

I have no follow-up information on this case.