How to Hypnotize Someone


If you’ve been searching the web trying to discovering how to hypnotize someone you’ve probably ended up more confused than enlightened, more disappointed than excited.


Forget the vast internet of 5 minutes experts and arrogant authorities and get the facts about How to Hypnotize Someone from a veteran with 44 years hypnotizing experience.

I first went into private practice as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist way back in 1987.  As Michael Watson Said about himself. “I am an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer (US and UK) with a 30-year history in the field, and quite frankly, when I look around the ‘academic and professional hypnosis community’, I see more bullshit than substance.”

This is 21 pages consisting of 4,590 words of skill, experience, and expertise in the form of a PDF file, which you can undoubtedly read immediately on you computer or mobile device.

This How to Hypnotize Someone is all substance. It’s a script to hypnotize someone. Stuff you can count on. It’s all practical stuff and only contains what background info you need to understand to hypnotize someone. No waffling on or unnecessary information.

It also explains how to hypnotize anyone and why the ‘so called’ experts who claim you can only hypnotize 80-90% of people are WRONG.

Furthermore, you will discover 3 true signs of hypnosis so you know your subject is hypnotized.

What’s more, it further explains how to hypnotize someone without telling them what you are doing.

This simply hypnotic induction is equally suited to the complete beginner and the practicing hypnotherapist who wants a fast, deeper and completely reliable induction method.



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