Hypnosis for Asthma


This hypnosis for asthma session has the title ‘The Breath of Life’ and is designed to help you with any issues you have with breathing.


Your search for the perfect breath. Hypnosis for Asthma.

This hypnosis for asthma has the title ‘The Breath of Life’ and is designed to help any issues you have with breathing.

Breathing issues often have an emotional content attached to them. To help dissipate or reduce subconscious emotions this recording contains, gentle yet powerful, emotion reducing suggestions.

Based largely on the Coué method of autosuggestion healing, this hypnotherapy session was created to retain your mind-body system back to a normal and natural state of breathing, where each breath connects perfectly with the next. As it says in an affirmation statement “Soon each breath of mine will be a perfect breath, a live promoting breath, a life-sustaining breath, a life enhancing breath.”

To get the best results from this recording, relax to it each day until you are breathing normally and naturally.

If you are on prescribed medication for asthma or other breathing issues you might want to contact your doctor before using this recorded therapy session.

IMPORTANT. If you’ve never relaxed to any of my hypnosis recordings before, discover how to get the best results in the shortest time by following these simple hypnosis eye closure instructions. You will not be taken away from this page. Remember, this is just one of many FREE hypnosis downloads available from this website.

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