Hypnosis For Social Anxiety


Discover the ease with which you can meet new people and make new friends by using this social anxiety reduction program. 


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Hypnosis for social anxiety can be a great way to getting yourself back on the track to normality.

There’s so much stuff written about anxiety, and social anxiety in particular, that you’re probably confused more than educated on the subject.

Anxiety and fear have the same feelings and sensations but they are not the same thing. Fear lives in the external world and anxiety lives in your internal world. Let me explain that in a little more depth.

If you’re walking down a small alleyway at night and come across a group of big guys holding baseball bats and looking all mean and angry the chances are you’ll feel frightened, and you know why. That’s a natural response. Is it not?

However, if you’re introduced to a new group of potential friends and you start feeling anxious, that’s not a natural response. It’s the response you get, and the same response as stumbling across the group of guys in the alleyway.

The feelings you get in the alleyway are because you’re frightened and those feelings are to help you survive what you consider a dangerous situation. It’s called, Cannon’s flight and fight response.

Nevertheless, when meeting a group of new friends you’re under no threat and therefore should be calm and relaxed. But in your case you, your body is responding to the new group of friends as though you’re under threat of harm. Yet you’re not.

In both examples the feelings and sensations are identical and they are there to help you survive, but only in the alleyway situation are you really under threat.

So the question is why do you respond to calming and relaxing situations as though you’re about to be attacked? Well, that’s a job for a good session hypnoanalysis.

So let’s move on to more particle things.

Is this hypnosis for social anxiety suitable for you? If you can answer, ‘YES’ to most of the question below then it is.

  • Do you have problems meeting new friends?
  • Do you have problems going into new shop and offices etc?
  • Do you do all you can to avoid conflicts?
  • Do people label you as shy?
  • Do you find it easier to message how to feel rather than tell someone face to face?
  • Do you worry that strangers might talk to you?
  • Are you unable to discover your soul mate because you never meet anybody new?
  • Do you have relationship issues because you can’t let the real you shine through?
  • Have you lost love partners because they keep calling you – cold?
  • Is your social anxiety almost impossible to put into words?
  • Do you want to get rid of the unknown veil that keeps you separated from the social world?
  • Do you want to take the breaks off your life and do what you really want to do?
  • Do you want to wake up each morning feeling happier, brighter, and more in control than the day before?

If you’ve answered YES! to most of these question you need to download this recording now and start getting your life back on track.

Remember. Life is meant to be fun. Don’t let your social anxiety restrict the quality of your life! 

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